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Email marketing is evolving.

Emails that worked 12 months ago are no longer relevant in the fast-paced world of email campaigns, changing mobile devices, short attention spans, email spam algorithms and inbox etiquette.

Sending out millions of emails a month puts Go Live Data into a totally unique position.

We can see how email trends are changing, predict what will make businesses respond and interpret the market to keep your content ahead of the game.

Our best-in-class technology combined with human powered processes ensure you always receive market-leading, clean data and our email asset of over 2.5 million email addresses is ahead of all our rivals for depth and coverage whilst remaining fully compliant.

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We have created our own email sending platform (ESP) built specifically for cold based email marketing campaigns and we call it Go Engage.

Employing the latest IP warming strategies and email deliverability checks, we monitor the health of your email campaign and employ strategies to avoid blocklists and bad reputation scores. With sophisticated tools at our disposal, we use a host of broadcasting techniques that are unrivalled in our industry.

  • Domain services that protect your website and maintain your existing email setup
  • Deliverability diagnostics checking sender scores, IP health and following spam regulations
  • Best practice email templates to perfectly balance imagery and text
  • Ongoing list cleansing using our cutting-edge mailing platform
  • Monitoring hard and soft bounces to eliminate outdated emails or missing info
  • GDPR Compliance monitoring and maintenance by our resident DPO
  • Ltd and PLC businesses the latest data from over 1.6 million top companies
  • 30-day update process on the data we use to power your email marketing

Email has an ability many channels don't: creating valuable, personal touches - at scale

David Newman