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You might have heard it said that Direct Mail has made a resurgence since GDPR came into effect.

At Go Live Data we've always thought Direct Mail is a great channel but, unlike email marketing and social activity, the use of personalisation can be lacking outside of the physical piece sent in the post.

Here's the game changer.

Go Live Data has added QR codes against every single contact record on our data, meaning we can start to track when and who has scanned the QR code and run full reporting on your targeted Direct Mail campaigns.

This gives us (and you) an unparalleled advantage. Not only does it provide individual trackability of Direct Mail; it also transforms the customer journey allowing businesses to base their next marketing actions on whether a person scans a piece of Direct Mail. Clever Stuff.

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It's the combination of Direct Mail with an online presence that packs such a powerful marketing punch

Craig Simpson
A mobile application reading a QR code from a letter